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Think of a blog title and I'll create SEO keywords, topic outlines, first draft body copy, and royalty free photos. You review, polish, and post.

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Write Blogs 10x Faster

You heard that right. 20 AI assisted blog posts a month, tailored for SEO, for only $10. Impossible, you say? Seriously, this turns days into minutes and delivers a first draft before you can take your first sip of coffee.

How It Works

Making writing so easy to do, it almost feels like magic.

Step 1

Add your title and keywords

That's all the info Scribble needs to automatically generate a hero image and outline.

Step 2

Review & update your outline

Reorder, edit, and add to your outline to have just the right sections in your article. You're in control.

Step 3

Edit your content and publish

Add links, edit, and format copy right inline before exporting your content wherever you need it.

How did this begin?

IntegrityXD is a St. Louis-based digital agency that manages a huge number of blogs for clients (among other things). Our writing team wondered “Can AI help us out here?” so our engineers made this for them to use. We love it, and we like sharing. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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Don't take our word for it. See what our customers have to say.

    • Starting a blog post that's already 80% done feels pretty amazing.

      John Simanowitz
      Founder, CEO at Integrity
    • Whenever I'm having writer's block, Scribble comes to the rescue! Giving a title and a few keywords generates an awesome draft that saves tons of time and research for my writing process. Any topic, big or small, Scribble is great at giving you an organized blog with interesting content. I can't think of blog writing without the help of Scribble.

      Grace Lepper
      Web Marketer and Content Strategist
    • As a content marketing writer I'm impressed by how much this simplifies my daily workflow.

      Tina Harris
      Freelance Content Marketing Writer

Simple pricing, for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, we have a pricing package that will fit your needs.


Give it a try and write 3 blogs on us. Enjoy all of the features with no credit card required.


  • 3 Free Blogs
  • Image Creation
  • Word Count
  • Keyword Count
  • SEO Optimized
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Small Business

For just $10 a month, write 20 blogs and support a super cool team of humans that make things.

$10 / month

  • 20 Blogs per Month
  • Image Creation
  • Word Count
  • Keyword Count
  • SEO Optimized
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OK, we seriously haven't thought this far ahead, but drop us a line and we can talk about whatever.


  • Unlimited Blogs
  • Image Creation
  • Word Count
  • Keyword Count
  • SEO Optimized
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, shoot us an email and ask.

    • What is an AI writing tool?

      Writing tools that use artificial intelligence can research, learn, and create content similar to how humans do.

    • Do I need to have keywords to get started?

      Scribble works great without keywords, but for best SEO results we recommend using them.

    • Do I need to worry about plagiarism?

      Scribble is built to ensure that your content is 100% original. No content is copied directly from the original sources.

    • Do I own the content that is created?

      Yes. No content is copied directly from the original sources and OpenAI (the generative content source) assigns full ownership rights of any content created to you.

    • Can I post the photos generated by Scribble?

      Yes. Scribble offers two sources for photos; Pexels and Dall-e. The default is Pexels and their terms of use allows for free use of their photos. Dall-e grants you ownership of the images their platform produces. You get to select which you prefer.